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The Edmonton Rejuvenation Medi Spa specializes in medical tattooing (skin patch color correction, scar camouflage, lip shape correction, lip cleft camouflage), permanent makeup (eyes, brows, lips, and skin), and tattoo enhancements (freckles, birthmarks, beauty marks). Book a medical aesthetic or beauty cosmetic tattooing today! It will change your life! Medical Tattooing At the Edmonton Rejuvenation […]

We are Edmonton’s premiere one stop medi spa taking care of you from head to toes!

Edmonton facial medical spa specializes in all types of facials to remedy all sorts of skin case issues. Our treatment of the month for September is the ‘Brilliance Brightening’ Luminous C & Sea facial Mask Treatment. After cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, an ampoule of Vitamin C with Oxyzomes is massaged and pressed into your face […]

UNIVERSKIN Dr Rose Milne is delighted to be working with Universkin to offer her patients the ultimate in skincare! SPECIAL OFFER: Get a customized face care plan exclusively at our clinic! Our doctor uses AI technology to create your customized micro-needle facial care serum, plus performs an in clinic restorative facial for you, and you will get […]