Thank you for coming in today. Due to the ease in which the new Covid variants are affecting the population our clinic has now created this new intake process for all customers coming in for appointments.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please fill out the form below. Once received your therapist will review it and if all is safe only then will our therapists allow you into the clinic. If you have symptoms, been diagnosed with COVID or come into contact with anyone who has COVID please note your appointment today will be cancelled with no charges. If you answer any questions on this form and are refused entry today please note we will not be charging for a missed or cancelled appointment. Once you are healthy we invite you to return and will offer a complimentary 20 minute infrared session upon your return to this clinic.

Contactless Medical History Form

If you haven’t already filled out a Patient Medical History Form, (if you filled it out before you don’t need to fill it out again) go to: and fill it out now.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you and your family stay healthy and safe!


Management of the Edmonton Rejuvenation medical spa