Groupon FAQ

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Groupon FAQ

The Edmonton MediSpa Groupon Deals!

Our clinic would like to personally thank you for having chosen a discount deal with us on Groupon. This page is applicable only for Groupon customers. This is a do it yourself system so we invite you to book your own appointments through our book now page! Clinic Policies also apply to all Groupon customers. Your support during these trying times is much appreciated.

How do I book or redeem my Groupon? You can redeem your Groupon promotions when you come into our clinic for your appointment. Please note we may electively request a credit card number to secure bookings for first time clients who do not provide a voucher number. Credit cards are not charged unless as required. We accept bookings by advance appointments only. Cancellation policy in full effect.

Booking Policy: We reserve our right to limit your bookings to no further than 60 days ahead.  There are no fees charged for any COVID related cancellations. All Groupon customers must provide a voucher number and proof of payment (groupon receipt screen cap or emailed to us) when booking with us and mention they have a Groupon deal when booking. Patients who miss their first appointment and/or who bring in an expired Groupon voucher are subject to a $15 administration fee plus 50% of full service value due before or after their session. This fee is charged for redeeming expired vouchers. No shows are charged at 100% value of the original price for the service selected payable immediately.

No show policy: All no shows made without contact to us on the day of the booking will have their Groupon voucher(s) redeemed. The session shall be considered completed and there will be no further credits or refunds given. This is a fairness policy created to protect our business from no shows and persons who take up a spot on our calendar that could have been given to someone who was going to show up. Our therapists must be paid either way and therefore we ask you to appreciate that we take these steps to minimize our company losses especially during COVID times. Please note, this means you may not get another appointment if you no show and/or do not contact us within 72 hours prior to your appointment and your voucher will be redeemed.

Want to try booking an appointment for today? If you wish for a same day booking, we require all patients to join our waiting list. We do not accept same day appointments any other way. Join the waiting list from our home page booking section and/or by email at: This is the only way we accept same day booking requests. Same day requests are not guaranteed. We recommend booking a week in advance to ensure availability.

How many Groupon offers can I buy? Our initial offer has a limitation of 1 x Groupon deals per offer, per customer. This means you can purchase one of every one of our groupon deals! All current voucher holders are still accepted and are transferrable to someone else if you wish!

Do you offer savings after the first time Groupon offer? We do give you an exclusive customer return offer after you redeem your services with us! We do not give price matches on any promotional Groupon rate.

Is there GST/tax or fees charged on top of the Groupon? Yes. We electively charge a 5% tax on the set deal rates. These taxes are due at your appointment along with any applicable gratuity. Note your Groupon deal excludes your therapists gratuity. Groupon promises us that it’s great customers will always pay a gratuity, so we therefore suggest a 18% tip be left for all your therapists. Please bring your voucher and an image of your sale receipt for your appointment and be prepared to cover your tax remittance and/or applicable gratuity.

Is there anyway to use my Groupon for another service? Yes. If you would like your voucher to be used toward another service in our clinic, we will apply a deal conversion fee plus 5% GST additional to the deal. Ask us for more information when booking.

Can I add extra time to my service purchase? Yes by advanced booking only. The day of your service this is at the discretion of your therapist. Additional fees may apply.

What location is my Groupon valid? Groupon offers are not valid for mobile services, classes, and/or couples services without a deal conversion fee added. Our address is provided to you when you book with us.

What if my Groupon expires? Be worry free! Any expired Groupon offer is still accepted at our clinic. There is no fee charged if you book or contact us before the expiration of your voucher date. If you do not wish to pay a $15 expired voucher redemption fee then we will still accept your voucher as cash towards the regular price of any service on our menu. These services will not be discounted. Booking before the voucher expiration date is the best way to save yourself this fee.

What if I would like a Mobile deal? If you would like your voucher to be used toward a mobile service with our clinic, please contact us directly. All mobile jobs have a mandatory 18% gratuity added.

Are you an RMT? Can my Groupon for massage be reimbursed by my health care plan? Yes, Massage Therapy Receipts are provided here, however; they are not issued from our clinic for medical rebate for any Groupon deals. We do not issue RMT receipts for Groupon deals. You are getting 50-80% off our regular clinic prices therefore consider our therapists will not issue receipts in lieu of this amazing discount! We do not offer insurance reimbursement for any spa therapy services. Receipts are offered on all massage therapy services purchased and paid for in clinic.

How do I book? We do not have a receptionist on staff. We are a private clinic open by appointment only. We ask that you visit the reservations page to book your appointment. We are able to give a discount and keep our costs low by having customers use our simple booking software to book their own appointments (self serve). Our calendars are updated and live 24-7 for your convenience. No need to wait for someone as you can book online anytime! Click here.

What if my appointment is rejected? If you’re appointment is rejected this means we do not have staff available for the selected date and you will need to revisit our reservations page and select another day and time. We apologize as this is the only way we are able to operate with limited staff during COVID restrictions. Your local support is appreciated during this time.

By booking a service with us you agree to these terms. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.