Edmonton Permanent MAKEUP

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Edmonton Permanent MAKEUP

The Edmonton Rejuvenation Medi Spa specializes in medical tattooing (skin patch color correction, scar camouflage, lip shape correction, lip cleft camouflage), permanent makeup (eyes, brows, lips, and skin), and tattoo enhancements (freckles, birthmarks, beauty marks).

Book a medical aesthetic or beauty cosmetic tattooing today! It will change your life!

Medical Tattooing

At the Edmonton Rejuvenation Medi Spa, we pride ourselves in providing true results from paramedical cosmetology procedures. The advancement of medical tattooing has the potential to change lives and enhance confidence in people who are in need of PMP.

These procedures are designed to conceal and camouflage, helping you heal and be beautifully you!


Also known as Medical Tattooing, Scar Camouflage & PMP.

Paramedical Micropigmentation is the implanting of ink to assist with camouflaging the skin to an even skin color. The advancement of medical tattooing has the potential to enhance confidence in both woman and men who are in need of concealing or camouflage areas on their face or body.

Medical tattooing can create a natural looking 3D areola and nipple for those who have lost theirs during a lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, radical mastectomy, and or from reconstructive surgery or illness. 

Radiation marker cover up helps to blend radiation markers from cancer treatment to look like natural beauty markers that have always been there.

Apart from medical tattooing, The Edmonton Rejuvenation Medi Spa also offers lymphatic drainage, scar reduction massage therapy, post operative massage, vaginal rejuvenation, and stretch mark revitalization. 

What areas can be treated?

​Scars from surgery, injury, trauma, burns, stretch marks or acne, areolas, breast augmentation surgery/breast reduction scars, cleft lip, vitiligo, birthmarks, hair transplant scars, hair loss, alopecia, pattern baldness & much more. 

PLEASE NOTE: the area being treated must not be tanned at the time of treatment. We need to ensure we can obtain the best colour match. 

What is the process?

​An in person consultation is required before a procedure is booked to determine expectations, the amount of treatments needed and the cost. We may decide to soften the scar tissue with a session of micro needling before hand for example. Once you have met with us we can book an appointment.

Day of appointment:

  • Look over and sign the forms
  • Apply numbing cream if needed
  • Color match & begin
  • Give you your aftercare and go over what is required of you in regards to aftercare
  • We will walk you through every process of the procedure on the day of as well

Does it hurt?

It is a tattoo. If needed, we can apply two types of numbing. One before the procedure and one during the procedure. 

Following the procedure, you skin may be sensitive for a few hours to a day.

Is it permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. We use World famous tattoo ink, and perma blend pigments for a long-lasting tattoo. Please remember we are often working on scar tissue which may require a few  sessions in the beginning.  We will go over this with you during your consultation