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Edmonton facial medical spa specializes in all types of facials to remedy all sorts of skin case issues. Our treatment of the month for September is the ‘Brilliance Brightening’ Luminous C & Sea facial Mask Treatment. After cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, an ampoule of Vitamin C with Oxyzomes is massaged and pressed into your face […]

UNIVERSKIN Dr Rose Milne is delighted to be working with Universkin to offer her patients the ultimate in skincare! SPECIAL OFFER: Get a customized face care plan exclusively at our clinic! Our doctor uses AI technology to create your customized micro-needle facial care serum, plus performs an in clinic restorative facial for you, and you will get […]

Our SLIM BODY MESO is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. ⁣⁣ Its benefits include:⁣ ⁣ fat burning, ⁣ cellulite removal and, ⁣ skin firming.⁣⁣ Book a consultation with Doctor Milne today! Find out how many treatments it will take to reach your goals. We specialize in body image transformations. Get a free consultation with a treatment booking. Consultation only is $59.

What Is CARBOXY GEL THERAPY? Carboxy Gel Therapy is a new anti-aging skin correcting technology. This breakthrough therapy generates activating bubbles that contain a proprietary formula to stimulate skin to restore beauty, energy and health. Carboxy Gel Therapy delivers these amazing results in a 60 minute non-invasive treatment that works on all skin types and […]

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Groupon FAQ

Our clinic would like to personally thank you for having chosen a discount deal with us on Groupon. This page is applicable only for Groupon customers. This is a do it yourself system so we invite you to book your own appointments through our book now page! Clinic Policies also apply to all Groupon customers. […]

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Skin gym

Edmonton’s first official Skin Gym the place for Face fit and Body fit your face gym!

Eyes are the first thing people notice, so put your best eyes forward with our instant eyelid correcting treatment!

PEVONIA Botanica Skin Care Line NOW AVAILABLE at the Edmonton Rejuvenation Medi-spa!


Maderotherapia the Colombian Wood cupping method is available exclusively at the Medi-spa inside Evolve North gym! Try a session today for only $130/hr. This is a great massage therapy for fighting cellulite, bloating, and pain.